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About Barbara!
Barbara! began her formal training studying apparel design, advertising, photography, and fashion illustration at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. She left New York for Los Angeles California and became the West Coast illustrator for the ready to wear market and its readership at "Woman's Wear Daily" and "W" magazine. She did this successfully then, she decided to redirect her talents toward the film industry. Barbara! is best known for her contributions in this area for costume illustration/design, and styling. Working on numerous feature films, TV shows, theater, commercials, and music videos.

Throughout these years, Barbara! has been working on her own collection of original pastel paintings of "Women Doing Women Things", with themes that speak for women in an international language of vivid colour and flavour. She has captured in these masterful images the understanding of women brilliantly interwoven with wit and satire. Her style has been called "Emotional Impressionism", allowing the viewer to take a peek through the looking glass at a slice of life! This collection has been exhibited in galleries across the country and exists in the private estates of noted fine art collectors.



Barbara! started a publishing company and has focused her artistic attention to the Beauty Industry, releasing 11 images depicting women in "Beauty Salon" situations. Featured in magazines such as "Modern Salon", "American Salon", and "California Stylist". Barbara!'s women have been received with such enthusiasm, that she has become the beauty business's favorite artist, and her work graces the décor of salons from coast to coast. She has recently also developed a line of just available, wearable hand-signed art; Art"T"Wear (T-shirts) and "Noteable Toteables"(tote bags), as well as specialty/premium items!

On the circuit of Beauty Shows, Barbara! appears and hand-signs all of her merchandise, and personally meets her clientele, always heartfully touched by their enthusiasm for her artwork! So…whether "Emotional Impressionism" or simply a wonderful burst of "Beauty Gusto", this is Barbara! and she shows it like it is!!!

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